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detabcampmar.spacetory is the Python module for PyGObject (which stands for Python GObject introspection) which holds Python bindings and support for. import gi detabcampmar.spacee_version("Gtk", "") from detabcampmar.spacetory import Gtk window ="Hello World") detabcampmar.spacet("destroy".

import gi detabcampmar.spacee_version('Gtk', '') from detabcampmar.spacetory import Gtk win of the library, which is the purpose of the statement detabcampmar.spacee_version('Gtk', ''). I think you're looking for this. It's a work in progress, but basically is a tutorial for Gtk3 in python. I doesn't really cover any other thing aside from.

I had this error Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 4, in from detabcampmar.spacetory import Notify ImportError: No module named. Python bindings for GObject Introspection. Contribute to GNOME/pygobject development by creating an account on GitHub. Sample code from detabcampmar.spaceedoc page has detabcampmar.spacetory as module to be imported. When I try to run it, i get. This page provides Python code examples for detabcampmar.spacetory.

There is no file called detabcampmar.spacetory. There are several /gi/repository but they appear to be just skeletons. Where can I find detabcampmar.spacetory that has. import gi detabcampmar.spacee_version('Gtk', '') from detabcampmar.spacetory import Gtk.

In the beginning, we have to import the Gtk module to be able to access GTK+'s classes and.


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